Empowering the careers of diverse technical candidates.

Diversity Criteria

Key Considerations for a “Chick Tech Approved” Employer –

An employer should institutionalize hiring practices and promote a diverse culture in the some of the following ways to attract and retain women:

  •  Create and execute a formal diversity plan.
  • Hold executives and managers accountable for reaching diversity goals and targets.
  • Develop, maintain and project a welcoming culture.
  • Redefine the pipeline — create alternative pathways to technical positions and establish mechanisms to bring women back to technical roles.
  • Measure and evaluate efforts to increase representation of women.
  • Fund or create K-12 initiatives around the world and advocate for computer science education to encourage a bigger pipeline of technical women for the future.
  • Representation of women at entry, mid, senior, and executive levels.
  • Representation of women in senior and executive level technical individual contributor tracks (if a company offers as a separate career path).
  • Active recruitment and promotion of women.


Solutions to Recruit Technical Women


Best Companies for Women in Computing