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ChickTech’s High School VIPs Get an Inside Look at the Tech World at ACT-W Portland

For many young women, their interest in STEM begins to wane as they enter high school, which is a critical time in their lives. And while each girl’s personal reasons for losing interest in STEM varies, a recent study by Microsoft and KRC Research suggests that girls lose interest due to peer pressure, lack of role models, and insufficient support from parents and teachers. Since its inception, ChickTech has aimed to change this by sparking an interest in STEM studies among young girls and teens to create a more diverse tech community.

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Get Your Child’s Brain in Gear with ChickTech’s Soft Circuit Kits

August has arrived. By now, kids are getting ready to go back school, but their brains may be a little groggy from all the summer excitement. They’ve been laughing, having fun, and forming summer memories that they’ll carry with them for many years to come. Parents, however, are likely counting down the days to September. When their kids go back to school, structure will be brought back into daily routines. Teachers take over to shape students’ minds, encourage their passions, and help them grow their skills.

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