ChickTech CEO featured in 99 “Limit Breaking” Female Founder List

Check it out! Janice Marie Levenhagen-Seeley, ChickTech founder and CEO, shares her top 3 lessons learned as a limit breaking female entrepreneur.

Sneak Peek:
I’m the Founder and CEO of ChickTech, a national nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls and women in the technology industry and creating a more inclusive technology culture. I founded ChickTech in 2012 based on my experiences as a woman in tech. My husband and I are also co-owners of Aero Teardrops, a 2.5 year-old teardrop trailer building company based in Portland, OR. Prior to starting these businesses, I did marketing and business consulting for small businesses, along with internships at some prevalent tech companies, including HP, Tektronix, and Intel. I have a BS degree in computer engineering and an MBA.

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