We know you have a choice of where to commit your expertise, and we want you to choose Eleven. In this role, you’ll work on the front-ends of a cloud-based central authentication platform used around the world to effortlessly and securely connect guests and residents (and all their devices) to the internet with an at-home-like Wi-Fi experience.  Our platform serves a variety of use cases from hotels and multi-family residences to cruise ships and more where we provide efficient and reliable workflow. And every day millions of people benefit from the service we provide to stay connected.


  • Software development: You’ll be working in a variety of languages and tools, including Javascript, Typescript, React, Angular, Jest, Material-UI, Vue, AWS CloudFront, S3 and Lambda to develop new experiences and features, migrate legacy features and systems to modern implementations and of course fixing bugs and improving scalability and economics along the way.
  • Applying expertise, designing and implementing: Modular UX components that are easy to use, re-use and support; build and packaging systems that are flexible, and reliable; and integrations with AWS services that deliver experiences that are high-performance, low-maintenance, scalable and cost-effective.
  • Collaboration: Work with other developers, product managers and our support team to design effective solutions, define requirements, work units (stories, tasks, etc.) and plan and execute together to deliver projects.
  • Communication: Have and express opinions about service design, code and best practices; be a champion for decisions that will scale with our growing company and make a positive difference for ourselves, our customers and our community.


While we very-much value the skills and knowledge represented below, we also recognize and welcome the opportunity to bring-on great new teammates who are excited to learn them but may not already have them. So, please consider applying even if you may not perfectly fit some (or most) of the bullet-items below.

  • Three or more years of experience developing software in some combination of the languages and technologies listed above, preferably in the context of software-as-a-service
  • Three or more years of experience developing modern browser-based applications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), preferably with more than one framework like React, Vue, Angular, etc. and including HTTP API integration.
  • Demonstrated expertise in working with HTTP and REST APIs, including a strong depth of knowledge of HTTP from both a client and server perspective.
  • Demonstrated expertise using AWS for front-end and API delivery with an emphasis on using serverless-centric systems. Services like Lambda, API Gateway, ALBs, S3, CloudFront, and of course IAM, preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience shipping commercial products as part of a team.
  • Experience migrating or converting an application from another framework to React.
  • Experience developing end-user content editing, such as in a CMS or website builder.
  • Experience with the concepts involved in software-defined networking, preferably with some hands-on experience with software and hardware from multiple vendors
  • Experience with medium-high velocity web traffic (1000’s of requests per second, not millions).
Commitment to Diversity:

We have a company-wide initiative to cultivate company-wide equity, diversity​ & inclusion while championing community-wide justice.

About Eleven Software

Why Eleven?

Eleven authenticated over 150 million guest sessions last year, and, even though we’re fifteen years old, that was just the beginning.

There’s never a dull day here. If you like a mind-bending challenge or working within a driven team with diversified skillsets sounds attractive… and working alongside a whole team of terrific people with a shared passion for our core values of teamwork, excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity excites you, then Eleven might be the place for you.

We know you have a choice of where you commit your expertise, and we want you to choose Eleven. Customer Success Professionals are central to what we do; without you, our customers don't get the experience they deserve from our product.

Below are just a few ways we’re making life better for the Eleven team:

  • A team-oriented environment focused on success & collaboration!
  • An office in the heart of downtown, located close to endless, delicious food carts and several public transportation options
  • Laptop + multiple monitors (as many as you want!)
  • Standing or sit-down desk
  • Company-wide collaboration on Slack + Google Docs
  • Regularly scheduled social afternoons in the kitchen with beer, cider, wine, soda & food (not mandatory but a heck of a lot of fun, especially if you’re into board games, video games, or crossword puzzles!)
  • On-site snacks for your convenience
  • Dog-friendly environment

Still want to know more about us? We’re flattered. Learn more about our company and products at www.elevensoftware.com.